• Assist. Prof. Sefa ALTIKAT

    Courses Taught
    Warehouse Management: Warehouse Operations, Warehouse Design, Stock Management, Barcoding
    Warehouse Tools & Materials: Packaging Materials, Handheld Terminal and Warehouse Software, Forklifts-Pallet Truck and Winches, Pallets and Containers

  • Assist. Prof. Sertaç HOPOĞLU

    Courses Taught
    Logistics Foreign Languages:Logistics Foreign Languages

  • Ins. Hakan GÜNGÖRMEZ

    Courses Taught
    Distribution: Distribution Process,Distribution Costs and Pricing
    Basic Logistics: Logistics Management,Supply Chain Management
    Transport Models: Land Transportation,Airline Transport,Maritime Transport,Railroad Transportation,Combined Transportation,Transportation of Dangerous Goods

  • Ins. Hakan IRAK

    Courses Taught
    Office Operations: Document Flow, Bureau Arrangement, Personal Care, Problem Solving (Office Management)
    Total Quality Management: Customer Satisfaction, Total Quality

  • Ins.Selim TAKUR

    Courses Taught
    Logistics Documents: Circulation and Origin Documents, Shipping Documents ,Commercial Documents , Sailing Cards , Other Documents
    Insurance: Types of Insurance, Risk, Insurance Damage Process

  • Ins. Ayhan TOPAL

    Courses Taught
    Accounting:Financial Statement , Operating Ledger , Resource Accounts, Asset Accounts
    Logistics Purchasing: Buying Techniques, Sourcing Management

  • Ins. Baycan DEMİRAL

    Courses Taught
    Customs: Warehouse, Customs Procedures , Customs Legislation ,Fighting Against Smuggling,Customs Procedures About Transport
    Importation and Export:Export ,Importation , Tariffs , Banking and Foreign Exchange Procedures

  • Ins. Murat KARADAŞ

    Courses Taught
    Law:Obligations Law, Commercial Law, Tax
    Entrepreneurship and Business Management: Begin a Business, Scope ,Watch The Market

  • Ins. Caner BULUT

    Courses Taught
    Career Development : Reach the Information and Data Acquisition , Environmental Protection , Effective Communication,Generate Entrepreneur Ideas, Work Safety and Worker's Health , Business Establishment ve Development, Problem Solving, Generate an Entrepreneur Idea

  • Ins. Hakan DUMAN

    Courses Taught
    Marketing:Handling , Sales Techniques, Produce Buying, Product Preparing, Product Sales

  • Arş. Gör. Ceyhan YILMAZ

    Courses Taught
    Computer Office Programs and Keyboard Usage:Communication With Computer,Electronic Spreadsheets, Word Processor, Prepare A Presentation, F Keyboard-1, F Keyboard-2, Character Formatting


    Courses Taught
    Gender Mainstreaming :Gender Mainstreaming